Our morning sessions run 7.30am – 12.30pm and our afternoon sessions run from 1pm - 6pm. Full day session includes anytime between 7.30am-6.00pm. Our minimum booking is either two half-day sessions or one full day session.


Please feel free to visit as often as you like before your child starts in order to help with the transition. We would expect a minimum of two visits before your child starts at Heathcote Valley Preschool. We encourage visits with parents and short visits once familiar by their own. We will ensure that at least one teacher creates and builds a relationship with your child and family. We work closely with you to ensure your child settles and feels secure as quickly as possible.

The time it takes to settle will vary with each child from a week to several weeks. The teachers will observe your child's progress and discuss this with you.

Our aim is to have happy, secure children who have developed a relationship of trust with their teachers. 

Fees / 20 hours ECE

Fees, 20 hours ECE and childcare subsidy information are all covered in our fee schedule document available from our reception and in your enrolment package. We require that fees are paid one week in advance.

Heathcote Valley Preschool offers 20 hours ECE for up to 6 hours a day and 20 hours per week to all our 3, 4 and 5 year olds. ECE hours start when a child turns 3 and ends when a child turns 5. If your child does not start school when they turn 5, they can continue to receive 20 Hours ECE.

Optional charges will apply for additional services; these services are related to the special character of Heathcote Valley Preschool. They include fully catered meals, morning teas, afternoon teas, hot lunch and all snacks daily, sunscreen, maintaining 80% qualified teacher ratio, our transition to school programme specifically for extended development for children aged over 3 years, Celebration days, extra curricular activities including a perceptual motor programme, sports, music and the arts. 

Holidays / absence

Heathcote Valley Preschool remains open throughout the year but does close for public holidays; normal fees apply for Public Holidays.

We do not charge during the time the Centre closes during the Christmas period usually for up to 2 weeks.

Food and nutrition

Heathcote Valley Preschool provides healthy meals for the children to keep them healthy and energised. Meal times are important social occasions where children and teachers share in conversation, reflecting on their day, talking about new ideas, interests etc. We encourage children to keep hydrated and they have access to water at all times. We have a chef who prepares healthy snacks and fresh fruits for morning, afternoon and late snack times, hot meals and homemade breads for lunch.

Good meal time hygiene is promoted with children being taught to wash their hands before eating, participate in a karakia before eating. Children serve themselves, pour their own drinks and clear the table as required. We encourage independence and promote children to use their own utensils when eating.

Menus are planned in advance, rotated regularly and reflect cultural diversity and variation. These are displayed for children and parents to view.

We are able to facilitate special dietary requirements on an individual basis, i.e. children with specific allergies or medical problems.

Health and Safety

We adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act, please read our entrance Noticeboard for all important information on relevant Health & Safety Policies & Procedures.

Fire & Earthquake, in an event of a Fire or an Earthquake please follow instructions located next to all exists. We alert families in the event of an emergency via a free emergency text system.

Non-Smoking, Smoking is not permitted on our premises inside or outside, including the car park.

Visitors &/or Contractors will take care & co-operate with Work Health & Safety rules while on the premises, they will be required to read and sign to acknowledge.

All teachers have current first aid certificates and know how to manage accidents, medications and illnesses.

Families are notified immediately if a child shows signs of illness or if there is a contagious illness in the Centre.

Excursions and trips will be arranged with parental consent and approval from Centre Director or Senior Teacher. 

What to bring

- Clothing, please ensure that your child is dressed in comfortable, and suitable play clothing ready for exploring and being involved in creativity. We  suggest that children bring a complete change of clothing, which is clearly named.
- Children in nappies need to bring 4-5 nappies for the day.
- Children who are toilet training should be provided with extra underpants and shorts/trousers/dresses.
-For summer months we require your child to have a named sunhat and for winter months we require your child to have a named woolen hat, named  jacket and named gumboots.
- A named drink bottle filled with water for your child to drink during the day.
- Parents are required to sunscreen their child before arrival to the Centre and teachers will apply more sunscreen throughout the day as necessary. A  safety-approved sunscreen will be provided by the Centre, however if your child has an allergy to sunscreen or sensitive skin please supply an  appropriate sunscreen for you child.
- For babies that require bottles, bottles need to be supplied in already prepared, clearly named bottles for children who are on formula, whole milk or  expressed breast milk.
- Special items for sleep, i.e. cuddly, teddy etc.

Each child has their own locker for storage of belongings.

Rests and Sleeps

Our Centre offers full rest and sleep facilities.

Our nursery teachers will follow your babies sleep routines from home. They sleep in cots with their own individualised bedding. The sleeping area in the nursery is completely separate from the main play area, ensuring undisturbed rest. All sleep areas are supervised at all times.

The toddler children, who require a sleep, have their rest time after lunch on mattresses with their own bedding. During this time the children who do not need a sleep will participate in small group activities.


Communication is a vital part of ensuring that the care and education of your child and family are being met. We aim to communicate with families in an open and responsive manner as a partnership.

Means of communication:

Educa is an online source, which Heathcote Valley Preschool subscribes to in order for you to view your child’s learning stories, photo’s and any updates of the latest interests and happenings in each room. This is a great tool for teachers and family/whānau to use and is very user friendly. Family members from all around the world can now be updated with your child’s learning journey, once you have accepted the Educa invitation and confirmed the email address. You can even download the app on your mobile phone to check the latest updates. Please feel free to encourage your family members to add any comments; we love to hear from you!

Policy review of policies/procures and practices are part of an annual or 3-year review cycle. Parents, whanau and all teachers at the Centre will be invited to contribute to the review process. We want to provide the best possible care for your child and will be constantly evaluating ourselves in order to achieve this. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything at all you are concerned about or think we should know.

Celebration evenings are held during terms one, two and three. Each term parents are invited to celebrate in the children’s learning, such as an art exhibition, music festival, science fair or a performance play. The idea of these celebration evenings is for your child to show off their achievements in some form of another, by creating a positive family experience.

Formal parent interviews / 3 way conferences for all children aged between 3-5 years will be held during term 3. Parents are invited to attend this conference with the child, the child’s primary care giving teacher to discuss their child’s developments, achievements and progress.

We provide a calendar which is found at the top of our website regarding other events happening at Heathcote Valley Preschool.

Concerns and complaints, parents should feel free and comfortable to discuss queries or issues with the Centre Director or Senior Teacher.

We welcome your feedback and participation in the running of our Centre and wish to ensure that your family enjoys their early childhood experience. 

Enrolment process

To start the enrolment process at Heathcote Valley Preschool we invite you to come and visit, feel free to bring your little one with you to meet our team. Our Director or Senior Teacher will be available to show you around, answer your questions and discuss your enrolment requirements. At the end of this time you will be provided with a take home enrolment package that has all the necessary information.

When you decide to enrol with us, the first step is to complete the enrolment form provided in our package. With this we will require a copy of your child’s birth certificate or other verification details and a copy of your child’s immunisation details.

Once providing us with these, a non-refundable administration fee of $60.00 is required to secure your child’s booking which includes a starter pack of a secure access swipe card and a Heathcote Valley Preschool embroidered sunhat.